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Background removal is a common service required by most online based companies. Photoshop offers various tools to automatically remove backgrounds but to get the best results this task needs to be performed manually. Techniques such as clipping path and photo masking are commonly used for it.

Simple Shape Background Removal

Simple Shape Background RemovalPhotoshop Simple Shape Background Removal
Removing background from shapes that are very common and less cluttered is very easy to do. Products that resembles common shapes such as mobile phone, computer mouse, egg, rings, balls etc. falls into this category. Items might be slightly complex, such as wireless headphones, which requires more anchor points.

Large object Background Removal

Medium to large object Background Removal
You may have photos that include bigger objects like cars, trucks, furniture or even an athlete running on field. These type of objects falls in this category of medium to large object background removal. These requires having multiple anchor points with varying complexity. It will generally take more time and effort to refine the objects after cutout.

Complex Background Removal

Complex Background RemovalPhotoShop Complex Background Removal
Subjects like trees and plants contains very complicated shapes. Normal clipping path techniques won’t be very effective on such images. Combination of photoshop selection features along with layer masking needs to be applied to get the proper output. This category includes objects like bicycles, trees, dress, jewelries etc.

Very Complex Background Removal

Women’s hair is one of the best examples of what a complex background removal can be. Hair strands can be spread out in any direction, which makes it super complicated to cutout the subject. It is absolutely necessary to have the latest photoshop version, which will have the updated content aware capability. It will help you to better select objects.

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Service
Ghost mannequins are quite popular and are commonly used by companies that relates to garments, e-commerce or fashion industry. Ghost mannequin shows how a product would actually look in real life, instead of a flat look that you would get from normal cloth photos. Techniques like clipping path and layer masking can be used to easily achieve ghost mannequin effect.

Sky Background Replacement

Sky Background Replacement PhotoShop Sky Background Replacement
If you are doing real state photography then you might need this service. Photoshop has various selection tools that can easily remove the sky and replace it with something else. You may even have objects like trees which shows some part of the sky and you want to get it removed, it can be a bit tricky process but we have professionals who are capable of doing such tasks.

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Background removal is just one of the many services that we provide. Doesn’t matter If you are just an individual or you manage a company, we provide service to everyone. We have a huge team, so if you have multiple images that needs background removal, then without hesitation try out our service. Our team handles batch editing services on a regular basis.