Nowadays car photography is getting immense popularity. Most of the people use their smartphone for car photography but their work lack in professionalism. Their activities are tagged as amateur works as they don’t know how to photograph a car properly. So, if you don’t know how to photograph a car perfectly, don’t worry. It’s is my duty to tell you how to photograph a car. Just follow the steps below and have a big smile on the face.

1. Take permission
First of all, take the permission of the car owner. If you don’t take the permission of the car owner, it can bring immeasurable hassle for you. The car owner can complain to the police and you can be fined for that. In some cases, you can be put behind the bar. If you finished taking the permission, just follow the next step.

2. Choose a Quality Device
If you think that you will photograph a car using your smartphone or poor digital camera, you will do a great mistake. Photography using poor devices can label your works as amateur. I recommend you to choose a DSLR or a Sony A9 Mirrorless model that can capture the moving object in an effective way.

3. Camera Settings
Camera setting is very much important in car photography. If you want to photograph your car in a static position against an interesting background, you’ll want to keep the ISO as low as possible, use a relatively narrow aperture (f/8-f11) and a quick shutter speed.

4. Choose Good Camera Lenses
I recommend you to use high-quality camera lenses. You should use lenses with a maximum f/stop of 2.8. Lower is even better. You should not stick with the lenses with a narrow aperture. The wider the aperture, the more lights that enter the camera. The most commonly used lenses for car photography are standard lenses or wide-angle lenses.

5. Choose a proper Background for your car
Choosing a perfect background for your car is highly important. If you choose a background that contain huge crowds of people, it will create a sense of irritation among viewers. Try to choose a background with natural beauty. A beautiful background can bring fame and popularity in car photography.

6. Avoid Reflection on the car
You have to be careful while capturing a car’s photo. Most of the car has mirror like reflection. When you capture a photo, keep a bit distance between you and the car so that the car does not reflect you. Your reflection on the car can spoil the photography.