How we Work for our client

Submit For Test

1. Send us 1 test image & your editing requirements. We will get back to you with the result and the price quote within 24 hours.

Approve & Process

2. If you are satisfied with the result and agreed on the price offered per image, you can now start sending us your orders via email.

Download The Images

3. Upload your photos for editing through GoogleDrive, WeTransfer or Dropbox, send us the link and we will work with it accordingly.

Make Payment

4. Send your payment. Get the photo orders back within 24 hours and begin using them right away. We also offer free revision.


Through our color correction and editing service, we can make each photo unique and attractive. Being able to change colors to get different variants of the same product using photoshop is one of our specialties. We can make various color adjustments required by our clients. We cater to give excellent quality service at a very affordable rate.

Photo Exposure and Color Correction

PhotoShop Color correction SERVICEPhotoShop Color correction SERVICE
While doing any kind of photoshoot it is very common to have photos underexposed or overexposed. Depending on the shooting environment the colors might also look different. This service aims to fix such issues. We use various complicated photoshop techniques like, channel masking, color range selection etc. which gives excellent results. We adjust the highlights, mid-tones and shadows to get the perfect balance in photos.

Fashion and Model Color Correction

PhotoShop Color correction SERVICEPhotoShop Color correction SERVICE
The fashion or model photos that you see on magazines are not perfect. Various adjustments were made to make them look perfect. There are a lot of scopes for making photographic errors. Common errors found like haziness, digital noise, overexposure, harsh sunlight hitting on the subject which will cast hard shadows etc. Another common problem relating to model photo shoot is that bright objects can spill unnecessary colors on the subject. We have a lot of experience with working on such photos. We can precisely select certain parts of the image and make appropriate adjustments.

Cloth or Product Color change

PhotoShop Color correction SERVICEPhotoShop Color correction SERVICE
Consumers usually want to see color variations of the same product. Manufacturing multiple samples for display can be quite costly and time consuming. Instead, getting colors changed of the same product and showing them to the consumers would be a great option. We have editors with knowledge of precise color selection techniques. We can select any particular design element from cloths and adjust its colors depending on the client’s needs. Consider contacting us to get a quote on this service.

Jewelry Color Correction

PhotoShop Color correction SERVICEPhotoShop Color correction SERVICE
Jewelries are meant be very shiny and it needs to gain consumers attention. That being said, it is not an easy task to do jewelry photography. Because of its shiny nature, it tends to produce distracting reflection of light, which needs to be fixed in post-processing. If the jewelry is smudged, it will output a faded effect which absolutely doesn’t look good. Our photo editors can manipulate the colors and make it look shiny and polished. If you are a retailer that sells jewelries than definitely you will benefit from this service. Consider getting a quote from us.

Our Work In Action

PhotoShop Color correction SERVICE
PhotoShop Color correction SERVICE
PhotoShop Color correction SERVICE
PhotoShop Color correction SERVICE


Our well-experienced photo editors can do color corrections in any type of image. Some common services our clients take on regular basis relates to adjusting photo exposure, saturation, contrast, brightness and sharpness, etc. We keep in mind to edit every small details of the image and we are capable of selecting and making very precise corrections. We can even overhaul colors from any photos and give it a very artistic look. If you have any photos that needs color correction or need any other editing services, then consider choosing us for the work. We will provide excellent quality output with great customer service.