PhotoShop Service


Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a legal document that states how the company collects, records and handles the information of its visitors and customers. Our primary aim is to maintain the privacy of our clients. We ensure that our client information remains out of access from public. We use privacy policy for the benefit of our clients and our company.


Image Copyright
Some companies share client’s images on various online medias without their permission. This can prove to be a huge loss for the client. Our company does not use client’s images without their permission. We do not claim ownership of any image provided by our clients and also, we do not claim ownership of the work we do for them. We receive all images from clients through our company owned servers to eliminate any kind of information leak. Only the company authority has access to client’s information. Our designers are not provided with internet connection and are closely monitored so that they cannot share images in public.

User Information Collection
There is certain type of information that we are required to collect, in order to work for our clients. The information we collect are email address, payment methods, file information, work requirements etc. Our employees do not get any client data, they only get the required instructions from the company authority to carry out tasks assigned to them.

E-mail Policy
We collect our client’s email address. We use it to communicate, send them invoices, collect payment and share work information with them. Email address is never disclosed to any other parties without our client’s permission. If we have any kind of offers, we let them know via email.

User Browsing Behavior-Web Analytics
We collect data of anyone visiting our site. We temporarily record data such as client’s name, address, websites etc. We also collect data of our visitors. It is very important for us to keep a track of our website’s growth. We record information such as how long a visitor has stayed on our site, how many visitors viewed our site, which pages gets most visits etc. The information we collect does not get disclosed to anyone. These analytical data help us to improve our services better and enables us to provide better customer satisfaction.

Cookies Policy
We use cookies to enhance our websites usability. We track data such as site visits, most visited pages, most liked contents etc. We also save user preferences for better user experience. If visitors don’t want their data to be stored by us then they can simply decline the cookie request. Cookies are not harmful. It temporarily stores data for a certain period of time on the user’s computer.

We update our privacy policy whenever required. If you are our client then we will let you know when change it. Client’s privacy is one of our top priority. We ensure that you have an excellent service form us and at the same time keep your data safe. We are available 24/7. For further information of our services, feel free to contact us.