We are living in the world of science and technology. Due to the concept of global village the world is getting smaller day by day. With several clicks of our computer mouse, we can do many things that were thought to be incredible in the past. Now many people are reluctant to go to market for shopping. They just want to see the products, check their qualities and order them through online. Now it is the responsibility of the photographer to capture the photos of the products and present them to the consumers, so that they have a clear view of the products and check their merits and demerits. Some product photography tips are given below to help photographer do a better product photography.

1. Preparing yourself for product photography
Before starting product photography, make sure that there is enough memory in your SD card of your camera. Make sure that there is enough charge in your camera. Manage extra battery if possible.

2. Set up your camera
At first you have to set up your camera. Set it on your tripod or monopod. Do the necessary settings in your camera such as image size, its quality (standard, normal, fine etc.)

3. There should be Enough Light
One of the prerequisites of a product photography is that there should be enough light. Without enough light we cannot have a clear view of the products. As a result, the purpose of our product photography will remain unsuccessful. It can be electric or sunlight. We can use any one of them or both.

4. The Quality of the Device
The quality of the device should be kept in mind when we are going to do product photography. If we use a mobile phone or a low-quality digital camera, the performance will not be up to the mark. So, this photography will not be able to attract the Consumer’s attraction. We recommend a DSLR or a Mirror less camera or anything like that. A good camera means good photography and a good product photography will surely attract the attention of the customer.

5. Background should be neat and clean
When we think of a product photography, we have to think of a neat and clean background. Without a clear background we can not have a clear picture of the products. An unclean photo will create a sense of unwillingness of the consumer towards the product.

6. White or transparent background is highly recommended
When we take a photo of a product, we have to keep in mind that the background should be white. A white background helps us have a clear view of the product. If we use a background other than white, we will not get the proper view of the product and thus we will lose consumer’s attraction.